Phlebotomist Courier-SMH Lab-Full Time

Lafayette General Health

Job Description

The Phlebotomist must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the neonate,
pediatric, adolescent and geriatric patient served. The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principals of growth and
development over the life span and possess the ability to assess date reflective of the patients status and interpret the appropriate
information needed to identify each patients requirements relative to his or her neonate, pediatric, adolescent or geriatric needs, and to
provide the care needed as described in the units department policies and procedures.

1. Maintains collection tray and working area in a sanitary condition.
2. Follows proper patient identification policy.
3. Draws blood from patients and returns specimens to pathology for analysis to establish procedures.
4. Labels all specimens with date, initials and time received.
5. Accurately logs in date and time drawn of all specimens in the lab computer system.
6. Uses lab computer to generate labels, reports, and inquiries as needed.
7. Assists couriers and clerical personnel when necessary.
8. Assists with supply inventory and stocking of received supplies.
9. Responsible in an appropriate manner to Stat, Timed and Routine orders as well as Codes as assigned.
10. Reviews all computer printouts on patient phlebotomy requests for pertinent demographic and clinical information.
11. Knows what information is important and uses it for proper handling of each patient or notifies others in the department for this
12. Follows isolation procedures when necessary, abides by OSHA regulations.
13. Adheres to patient privacy policies by keeping clinical information and diagnosis confidential.
14. Prioritizes duties according to requests, location and specimen priority.
15. Refers questionable matters to management or technical staff.
16. Attends in-services and department meetings as required.
17. Participates in quality improvement, attends and participated in lab in-services.
18. Keeps a daily log of all trips made with times of arrival and initials of client staff for each step.
19. Maintains a gasoline log of all fill-ups and computes mileage per tank.
20. Maintains adequate gasoline in vehicle by use of a provided fleet card.
21. Keeps car clean and professional looking by periodic washing at carwash.
22. Picks up out-going mail from the mailroom prior to departure for each round.
23. Checks with Laboratory for any out-going supplies.
24. Assists with the separating and filing of Laboratory reports.
25. Maintains a good driving record.

1. Minimum High school Graduate or equivalent
2. Certified as a phlebotomy technician by a national certification exam preferred.
3. Current Louisiana Driver's license required
4. Good Driving Record


Medium Work as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor constitutes a maximum lift of 21-50 pounds on occasion and/or a
maximum lift of 11-25 pounds on a frequent basis
May be required to assist in the turning, lifting, or moving patients as well as walking about from patients rooms, as well as to
and from various hospital areas