Physician Assistant-LGMD Ortho Clinic-Full Time

Lafayette General Health

Job Description

Physician Assistant-LGMD Ortho Clinic-Full Time (Job ID: 509)

Location: LGMD Ortho Clinic
Employment Status: Full Time


The PA will be responsible for exhibiting concern for high standards in patient care:

A. Assist within the NP or PA scope of practice with comprehensive patient history and

physical examination and hospital rounds for patients with medical conditions.

B. Provides hospital rounds for patients followed by Hospitalist Team according to

collaborative agreement.

C. Collaborates with Medical Director and physicians to develop protocols to enhance

quality patient outcomes.

D. Follows up to monitor outcomes.

E. Assists with clinical problem solving at the unit level.

F. Assists in developing guidelines to ensure quality patient care.

G. Exhibits knowledge of patient rights for all age groups served in specialty area.

II. The PA will be responsible for exhibiting concern for high clinical standards:

A. Actively assists with development and setting of clinical standards.

B. Serves as a respected resource in clinical matters.

C. Accountable for excellence in clinical practice.

D. Sustains clinical environment that supports excellence in nursing practice.

E. Validates that patient care is consistent with identified standard of care.

F. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age

of patients served on his/her specialty area.

III. The PA will be responsible for Resource Management within the department

A. Facilitates interdisciplinary networking, i.e., physician/nurse rounds

B. Participates in the teaching role under the Hospitalist Medical Directors direction

IV. The PA will participate and maintain high standards in research and quality improvement

A. Facilitates and supports healthcare research

B. Ensures that current NP/PA data is incorporated into clinical practice and care and delivery

C. Supports and assists with unit-based QA improvement programs.

D. Participates in interdisciplinary rounds that focus on patient care issues and discharge planning.

V. The PA will be responsible for upholding influence/leadership in the department:

A. Responsive to patient/family expectations and needs.

B. Uses group dynamics to affect positive change.

C. Demonstrates creativity in the clinical consultant role.

D. Demonstrates political sensitivity.

E. Provides a strong image as a leader/role model.

F. Acts as change agent.

G. Follows Guidelines and Standards of practice approved by the Louisiana State Board of

Medical Examiners (LSBME) or the Louisiana State Board of Nursing

H. Maintains up to date knowledge of current trends in specialty area.

1. Obtains required continuing education hours annually.

2. Maintains documentation within two weeks of attendance.

3. Maintains certification in specialty area according to credentials.


A. Current Physician Assistant licensure to practice in the State of Louisiana.

B. Valid diploma certifying completion of a physician assistant training program accredited by the Committee on

Allied Health Education and Accreditation (CAHEA) which is recognized by the Louisiana State Board

of Medical Examiners.

C. Physician Assistant National certification NCCPA National Certification Commission by Physician (or

certification within three years of employment for new graduate).

D. Two years of clinical physician assistant experience to meet expected practice standards.

E. Professional knowledge of physician assistant theory and practice. Extensive knowledge of physical

assessment, differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and management of acute and chronic

patient/family problems.





Medium Work as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor constitutes a maximum lift of 21-50 pounds on occasion and/or a

maximum lift of 11-25 pounds on a frequent basis

May be required to assist in the turning, lifting, or moving patients as well as

walking about from patients rooms, as well as to and from various hospital areas