Dietary Assistant-SMH Dietary-Full Time

Lafayette General Health

Job Description

Responsible for preparing and serving meals and snacks in sufficient quantities and at the scheduled times for patients and employees.

Responsible for keeping all work areas and equipment clean, sanitary, safe and in good working condition.

Cooks, prepares and serves meals and snacks to patients and employees as determined by menus. Prepares special diets for patients in

accordance with the guidelines in the Diet Manual. Checks diet kardex and prepares diet cards for use in setting up and serving patient

trays. Consults Diet Manual, Dietary Manager or Dietitian for unfamiliar diet orders.

Checks incoming food and supply and supply orders with invoices in order to maintain current pricing. Must know and follow strict

sanitation and health regulations and safety rules. Responsible for performing cleaning assignments and special duties as directed and

on a regular basis. May assist in preparation of meals or snacks for special hospital events. May assist in training new employees.

Must attend in-service meetings. Required to dress neatly and in accordance with department and hospital dress codes.


1. Responsible for preparing, cooking and serving of meals and snacks in sufficient quantities and at the scheduled times for patients

and employees.

2. Responsible for preparing special diets in accordance with the Diet Manual.

3. Checks patient diet kardex, prepares diet cards, and sets up and delivers patient trays.

4. Responsible for checking incoming food and supply orders with invoices.

5. Responsible for adhering to strict infection control standards for dietary personnel.

6. Responsible for following department and hospital dress code.

7. Responsible for maintaining patient confidentiality as required by hospital regulations.


High school graduate preferred.

Experienced in food service also preferred.

Must be able to read and write and understand diets.





Medium Work as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor constitutes a maximum lift of 21-50 pounds on occasion and/or a

maximum lift of 11-25 pounds on a frequent basis

May be required to walk to patients rooms, as well as to and from various hospital areas


Required to do moderate lifting and carrying of 15-44 pounds. Required to spend most of the eight-hour shift standing, with some

straight pulling, pulling hand over hand, pushing and repeated bending. Both legs required for climbing on ladder to reach or store

supplies on upper shelves. Reaching above shoulder level also required. Us e of fingers and both hands required or compensated.

Ability for rapid mental and muscular coordination simultaneously. Near and far vision corrected acceptable. Hearing with aid

permitted; both eyes required.


Works inside air conditioned building but kitchen area may be very warm at times. Exposed to outside weather and excessive cold or

hot weather when in the warehouse, which does not have controlled heating and cooling. Works around very hot temperatures when

cooking as well as cold when cleaning the freezer. Exposed to solvents and other grease and oils. Works with hands in water when

cleaning cooking utensils and work areas. May be required to use a ladder to reach upper level of storage area. Works with others

and/or alone.