Security Officer-AKMH Security-PRN

Lafayette General Health

Job Description

Protects life and property of all persons on hospital premises and policies, hospital buildings and grounds to prevent fire, theft and vandalism.


1. To maintain accurate account of all activity on tour of duty through manual and/or electronic means.

2. Patrolling officers to render services requested by hospital, patients and visitors.

3. Maintains security in and around hospital property (Main Building, Annex, Medical Office Buildings) through routine, random patrol by:

i. Making periodic checks of hallways, floors, restricted areas to check for safety hazards and security breeches.

ii. Maintaining surveillance on parking lots and grounds, keeping fire lanes and driveways clear.

iii. Investigating any suspicious person and/or activity.

4. Escorting employees and visitors when requested (to vehicles, with money to business offices, and other restricted areas).

5. Monitor CCTV System.

6. Admit personnel with proper identification into secured areas.

7. Conduct investigations of reported theft, accidents, falls, and security related matters, unusual occurrences. Completes written report of such incidents and obtain video/photo documentation as required.

8. Assist with special investigators or covert surveillance when requested by Manager.

9. Write complete detailed reports on all security related issues and motor vehicle accidents.

10. Follow up on investigations until closure of the case.

11. Report all safety hazards noted on patrol to appropriate personnel for follow-up (Maintenance, Safety Officer, manager, etc.).

12. General duties include but not limited to:

Issue hospital keys to authorized personnel.

Issue linen as requested when there is no linen personnel on duty.

Assist in distribution of dietary items after hours.

Provide jump-starts and car unlocking services.

Respond to fire alarms, forced entry alarms, disaster codes, and code Strong

Assist law enforcement and fire department as requested.

Secure narcotic carts and assist in changing of narcotic cart locks.

Receive packages from cab courier services and deliver to appropriate department.

Maintain information for lost and found.

Secure and release patient valuables.

Assist with combative patients and in restraining patients as necessary.

Assist with problem visitors in all areas of the facility.

Assist in all Codes.

Maintain order in the ER when assigned to that post.

Assist employees and/or patients with restraining orders, etc.

Assist in termination conferences.

Assist in cases involving child welfare department, police, etc.

Assist in preparation of disaster preparedness program

The above statement reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the principle functions of the job as identified, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the position.


A. High school graduate or equivalent

B. Prefer minimum associate degree in Criminal Justice or related field

C. Minimum 1 year accountable work-related experience

D. Must be bondable and have a valid Louisiana drivers license

E. Must possess the ability to learn and use basic computer, hospital ID Badge System

F. Must successfully complete training for Crisis Prevention, OC-Pepper Spray, ASP expandable baton and handcuffs within 6 months of hire

G. Must submit to criminal background check

H. Must be free of vision and hearing defects which would limit ability to perform essential functions of the job



Various types of medical instruments & equipment


Medium Work as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor constitutes a maximum lift of 21-50 pounds on occasion and/or a maximum lift of 11-25 pounds on a frequent basis

May be required to assist in the turning, lifting, or moving patients as well as

walking about from patients rooms, as well as to and from various hospital areas