MRI Tech

Slidell Memorial Hospital

Job Description

The MRI technologist applies pulsed radio-frequency waves and magnetic energy along with computer processing techniques to assist in the diagnosis and/or treatment of human disorders. Performs MRI procedures and related functions producing images for interpretation by licensed practitioners. Floats to assigned area/modality Safely transports patients as required, using appropriate device; notifies nursing station when a patient has left/returned; signs appropriate documents. Selects and operates magnetic resonance imaging system, all coils including surface and specialty coils, gating devices, and associated equipment to achieve desired results. Prepares and administers oral and intravenous contrast as required by the procedure being performed; recognizes and initiates treatment for contrast reactions. Performs basic nursing functions (BP, pulse, etc) in regards to patient care; initiates life support, if necessary. Can perform all functions in MRI with minimal supervision to include routine MRI procedures, special exams and other requested procedures. Demonstrates functional knowledge of IV tubing, pumps, drains chest tubes, etc. Performs TPD to assure throughput and complete study in RIS before sending images to QCWSTN. Properly manages exam descriptions, error message and dates. Properly performs PACS check according to RIS/PAC tips checklist. Properly perform Teleradiology. Sufficient to successfully complete MRI procedures as defined by department policy and protocol. Graduate of accredited radiography program or equivalent. Registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist or equivalent. Valid Louisiana license.

Employment Type



Varied Shifts