Cornerstone Hospital of West Monroe


Cornerstone Hospital West Monroe is a 40-bed inpatient provider of long term acute care. Our patients required extended hospitalization for the treatment of pulmonary diseases, wounds, neurological problems and other multiple system failure complexities. We work closely with our referring facilities2 to assure the patients referred to our care are accommodated in an efficient and effective manner. Our patients are typically referred from the intensive care unit of short-term acute care facilities2 and are medically complex and may require some type of life support (i.e. mechanical ventilation). Cornerstone Hospital West Monroe is committed to providing superior healthcare to our patients directly in response to the needs of the communities we serve, delivered by a professional and compassionate staff, guided by physicians and inspired by our patients.

Mission Statement

To be the leading long term acute health care facility by providing high quality care at the right time, in the most appropriate setting. We are responsible to all of those who depend on us - patients, families, caregivers, employees, communities, and investors - to deliver on these commitments.