Joint Commission Accredited Health Care Institutions

May 26, 2015

Joint_Commission Hospital Jobs at Joint Commission Accredited Health Care Institutions Joint Commission accreditation or certification is recognized nationwide as a prestigious symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

Best Tips for Hospital Employment

May 26, 2015

Hiring Tips for Hospital Jobs While hospitals exist to serve the community, they’re still an operating businesses, and whether they’re for-profit or non-profit, these healthcare businesses still aim to find the best applicants to serve their community and work effectively with their existing employees.

Alternative Nursing Careers: Clinical and Clerical

May 25, 2015

nurse-37322_1280 Alternative Nursing Careers: Clinical and Clerical Hospital Jobs  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are three different educational paths that can accredit a nurse: a diploma from an accredited nursing program or hospital, an associate’s degree in nursing, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing (which then qualifies an individual to study nursing or research at the master’s level and beyond).

Allied Healthcare Professions

May 25, 2015

Healthcare_Workers Allied Health Professions and Hospital Jobs  Allied health refers to a large variety of health-related professions and careers that can be found in the hospital and other health care settings.

Public Opinion and the ACA

May 25, 2015

Public_opinion_of_SSM_in_USA_by_state.svgPublic opinion concerning the Affordable Care Act is changing slowly, but it is changing, according to the April Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. And opinion seems to be shifting in favor of the act, after a 2.5-year stretch of predominantly low approval ratings. The poll found that 43 percent of Americans now say they approve of the ACA, as opposed to 42 percent who say they disapprove. That's slightly better than the previous month, when 41 percent said they approve while 43 percent said they disapprove. And it's the first time since November of 2012 that the number of people who approve of the act has exceeded the number who disapprove.

Find Jobs at Magnet Hospitals

May 22, 2015

Find Jobs at Magnet Hospitals Hospital Jobs with Magnet Recognition The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) created the Magnet Recognition Program® to recognize health care organizations for their quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice.

Find Jobs at Multidisciplinary Hospitals

May 22, 2015

Multidisciplinary Hospitals Hospital Jobs at Multidisciplinary Health Care Centers In a multidisciplinary care team, comprehensive patient care is delivered by a range of professionals who are functioning as a team to provide the best possible patient outcomes.

Healthcare Hiring in 2015: A Survey

May 22, 2015

imagesFore more rosy predictions on the healthcare hiring front, we turn to a new report -- the 2015 HireRight Health Care Spotlight -- that predicts an industry boom for the coming year. In issuing the report, HireRight (a company that provides employment screening services) cites the usual litany of facts and figures -- the "aging population plus increased access to healthcare through the ACA" party line on how demand for healthcare is sure to grow, plus the usual stats from the B.L.S. Five million more healthcare jobs expected between 2012 and 2022, one-third of all jobs created in the decade, etc., etc.

A Closer Look at the Costs of Travel Nursing

May 20, 2015

Altenpflegerin_D1824In a recent post, we discussed some findings concerning the safety and cost-effectiveness of using temporary nurses to fill employment gaps. Now let's take a closer look at some of those findings, specifically one of the studies on nursing costs. While studies that looked at the safety records of facilities using temporary nurses (i.e. travel nurses, or supplemental nurses) reflected favorably upon their employment -- such nurses tend to be highly qualified, and effective in terms of patient safety and satisfaction, studies showed -- surveys looking at the costs of using temp nurses were more mixed.

Travel Nursing on Trial

May 18, 2015

imagesTravel nursing -- i.e. the use of traveling professional "temp" nurses to fill nursing employment gaps -- has been a useful stopgap for facilities facing nursing shortages and short-term personnel crises. But some industry observers have maintained that there are downsides to employing travel nurses that outweigh the potential benefits. The website IntelliCentrics notes that "in the past, a certain stigma has been attached to traveling nurses. They were thought to not only cost the facility more, but were also seen as negatively affecting patient care." IntelliCentrics says that those attitudes can often be traced to a handful of specific incidents, such as a case in 2011 when, during a California nursing strike, a cancer patient died after a medication error by a replacement nurse.